Q.  Are you insured & bonded? 
A.  We’ve got you covered!!! FURgeddaboutit is fully insured & bonded, so your pooch is safe in our hands!
Q.  Does your insurance cover dog parks?
A.  Yes, our insurance even covers your pet while they are having fun playing around in the doggie park.
Q. What are your qualifications?
A.  I’m an absolute animal lover.  Over a cold winter, I ended up taking in a pigeon with a broken wing, my family wasn’t too happy with that lol. Here are some more qualifications to ease your mind… I have more than 7 years experience dog walking for Liberty Humane Society as well as 3 years experience as a professional dog walker.  I have walked all types of dogs, large and small.
Q.  How do you screen your independent contractors?
A.  FURgeddaboutit!! We screen ALL contractors.  They must go through a background check and they are also required to read & sign the FURgeddaboutit independent contractor’s handbook to ensure you receive the highest level of service possible. We’ve got you covered!
Q.  Will my dog be walked in large groups?
A.  No, way! If your dog is anything like mine, then they want all the attention to themselves.. All our walks are single walks.  If you would like your pet walked with other dogs so they can socialize, we can make those arrangements for you. We like to bond with your pooch one on one so they get the attention and loving they deserve.
Q.  Will there be several people walking my dog or pet sitting?
A.  No, your pet will be assigned one walker/sitter so that your pet does not become stressed trying to get used to a different person each visit.
Q.  How do I become a client?
A.  I’m sure you can’t wait to find out! :-) You can either register online or call to set up an appointment. 
Q.  What should I expect on our first appointment?
A.  We want time to play and bond with your pet.  The first appointment is so that your walker/sitter can meet your pet and find out a little about them.  If you choose to move forward with FURgeddaboutit, we will give you some forms to fill out so that we have all the information required.  Please also have 2 sets of keys ready.  We will need this before you start scheduling walks.
Q.  How do I login as an existing client?
A.  Yay! You’re part of the family!!! Once you register with FURgeddaboutit, we will email you a username/password so that you can login to our database.
Q.  What are the benefits of using the online database once I’m a client?
A. Our database will have all your information as well as your pets information.  You can log in at anytime to make any changes or updates.   You can also schedule/cancel appointments directly from the database so that you do not need to call it in.  Your walker/sitter will make daily notes online letting you know how the visit went. Pretty cool, huh?! :-)  
Q.  How do I know you received the change I made on your database?
A.  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! You will receive an email either confirming or denying the appointment shortly after requesting it.  If it’s too short notice we may not be able to accommodate you.
Q.  What are your policies on adding/canceling appointments? 
A.  To ensure that we can cover your appointment we ask for 3 days notice.  Of course we understand that there may be a need for an appointment on the same day.  In this case we will try our best to make arrangements to accommodate your needs, but can not make any promises.  Canceling an appointment is much easier, just let us know by 9am (day of service) at the latest so that we have time to let your walker know of the change in service.
Q.  What is your payment policy?
A. Uh oh, it’s payment time! Well we at FURgeddaboutit have tried to make it as simple and convenient as possible for you.  Payment is due weekly. You will receive an invoice by email the day prior to the last day of service for the week.  We accept either cash, checks or paypal.  Checks should be made out to FURgeddaboutit LLC. If you prefer paypal you can send payment to payment@FURgeddaboutit.com

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